Santa is ready!

My Christmas Santa for a work colleague is finished!

I think i need to work on my finishing - but he turned out ok :)

Meet Blue Ridge Santa, by Mill Hill.

Started 5th November 2016
Finished 13th December 2016

Finally!!!! A FINISH!!! The gorgeous Mirabilia Roses of Provence

That overwhelming feeling when you have completed that last stitch and last bead!  Happy dance in the living room!

After 17 months, I have finally finish Roses of Provence, Stitched on Polstitches 28 count Cashel Linen, Tudor Rose - My labour of love.

This is the first Mirabilia I have tried.  I have learnt a lot about stitching with this piece so thought I would share some of my lessons learnt: -

  • Love stitching on 28 count Linen/Evenweave
  • Never change the direction of stitching such as vertical vs horizontal you can see it in the levels of coverage
  • I hate stitching WHITE
  • Never do a piece like this without gridding my fabric first
  • Love the look of invisible thread; however, ...... Almost impossible to work with
  • I need to work on my back stitch (still not happy with the arms)

  • If you go wrong and you are too far in to correct - the finish piece is not fudged.... its unique to me lol!

There are so many errors in this finish - but, I will look at her every day and she will remind me of all the things I have learnt and smile.

So here she is.  Now i just need to iron her, and get her to the framers so she can hang on my wall.

The weekend had to end!

After a lovely pj weekend and not leaving the house it had to come to an end.  Monday the bubble bursts and you have to put clothes back on, commute for 4 hours and do a 9 hour work day😫.

But then when your day is done and you finally reach home, throw the pj's back on and sit in front of your fabric, with lots of sparkly beads - all is not so bad 😁. Not an overly productive evening..... but every bead is closer to a finish 😉

Mirabillia update

After such a long break from my blog of which there is no excuse!!!  I thought it time to update on my labour of love - Mirabilia Roses of Provence.

I have made this my focus piece to see if I can get her finished before Christmas - well that's the plan.

This is the first time using invisible thread (interesting) need I say anymore???

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